Reducing Culture Shock Among

Vietnamese Students in the United States

This project aims to address this complex multi-factor issue within the Vietnamese student community by using methods of Design Thinking to identify, create and propose a new service strategy that can better prepare them for studying abroad in the United States.

Strategist: Autumn Dang

Date: Spring 2020


Research demonstrates that many international students studying in the United States for the first time will experience culture shock from the lifestyles and life-skills confronting them when they arrive. For many cultures, this culture shock can be compounded by other factors such as loneliness, poverty, and traumatic events.

Autumn Dang

Autumn was born and raised in Hochiminh City, Vietnam. Autumn graduated with a Bachelor in Architecture, and has three years experience working as a architect in Vietnam. In the future, she plans to focus on developing her strategy skills and pursue her career in architecture in the USA.

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