Communing with Nature

Client: Airstream

Team: Jessie AndradeAndrea Obradors·Puerto

Date:  Spring 2019



What if Nature is the connection to ourselves?


If there is one thing we’ve learned as humans, is that we cannot take Nature for granted.


Human impact on our planet became evident as environmental changes that gave way to rising sea levels, extreme weather conditions, and natural disasters. As the 21st century progressed, we realized our actions were detrimental to the environment and to ourselves. If we wanted to have any future on this Earth, our relationship with nature needed to change.


As we started respecting and caring for what we once hurt and abused, we marveled at Nature’s willingness to forgive. Not only did we find a profound respect for Nature, but we placed its preservation at the center of everything we do. Reverence turned into devotion when we clearly saw the positive impact of our nurturing behavior.


Any healthy relationship is reciprocal; you give, then you receive. We now gather natural elements and bring them into our homes to feel closer to Nature. We’ve established rituals to personally experience our connection to Nature, and we long for more moments to commune and with It. Time seems to stop when we come in unison, and suddenly life makes sense.

Suddenly life makes sense. We communicate with Nature by entering a sequestered sanctuary, shedding our shoes, feeling the grass, and kneeling down to breathe in unison with Her.