Human-Centered Design for Day-Habilitation Services: Nurturing Identity through

Community Connection

This project uses human-centered design research to assist GWCols in developing valuable and sustainable community-integrated service offerings that will provide exposure to opportunities aligned with the needs and desires of its clients.

Strategist: Bre Jacobs

Date: Spring 2020


Goodwill Columbus (GWCols) is one of Central Ohio’s leading providers of day-habilitation services to individuals with developmental disabilities. These services range from physical support to skill building or job placement, all of which aim to eliminate the barriers preventing clients from pursuing independence and self-fulfillment.

Bre Jacobs

Bre is an avid storyteller and naturally curious human being. She thrives on developing deep connections with others to constantly gain new perspectives and challenge her own assumptions. Her background in graphic design enables her to develop visual narratives that evoke strong emotional responses and communicate powerful stories. By framing challenges through a human-centered lens, she is able to build powerful narratives which invite people to question their assumptions, view challenges from a new perspective, and ultimately, dive into ambiguous territory with curiosity, empathy, and open minds.


Bre has worked on diverse projects with a variety of clients, but finds that her passion lies in projects grounded in social design. She is drawn to the ways in which human dynamics and ingrained beliefs shape our society, and loves challenging these current structures. Bre’s goal is to help others adopt empathy and curiosity when dealing with complex human systems and to take a step back from what we know and look instead to what we can learn from one another.  

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