Future Food Systems: Rethinking Urban Land Use

Through a human-centered and systems-thinking approach, this project aims to connect people to the culture of growing on urban land and limit the space between where our food is grown and how it is purchased.

Strategist: Sam Chase

Date: Spring 2020


Food is a critical part of our lives. In urban areas especially, it is easy to live unaware of where our food is being sourced beyond the grocery store. In reality, that food can travel tens, hundreds, and thousands of miles—being processed along the way—before it reaches the checkout line.

Sam Chase

Sam is a humanist, designer, and systems thinker driven by a deep curiosity for the human experience. Her background includes work in historical research and interpretation, nonprofit management, community partnership engagement, legal research, and human-centered design. 


Everything she's done has one common thread: translating challenges into opportunities. Sam's curiosity for experience drives her love of human-centered and service design. Through deep research, empathy for users, and understanding of different design methods, she connects common experiences and finds opportunities for social change among wicked problems. 

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