Engaging in Harmonious International Migration: Taking Advantage Without Taking Advantage

One response to the intracountry and international migration phenomenon is the development of Intentional Communities designed to address the hopes, dreams, and needs of their residents. This project seeks to provide a strategic framework for the development of a sustainable international intentional community, designed by its residents, that is in harmony with its neighbors, visitors, and the environment.

Strategist: Wes Fullen

Date: Spring 2020


Amenity Migration describes the movement of individuals from their home country to another location where they hope to enjoy a better standard of living. When that movement crosses international borders and the individuals are retired, it is termed International Retirement Migration, which is a growing global phenomenon.

Wesley Fullen

Wesley is finishing a long career in the fire service. A native of Columbus with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, he considers himself to have a designer’s heart which he has used in the creation and re-creation of products and processes for business and societal enrichment. As a “first-class noticer,” his goal is to use design thinking and speculative design in relation.

Featured Projects:

Columbus College of Art & Design | Master of Design 2020