Customized Lifetime Menstrual Service

for Women in Taiwan

The purpose of this project is to improve the menstrual experience for women in Taiwan through Design. The goal is to develop a user and business framework for a menstrual service in Taiwan that provides customized, eco-friendly menstrual products also provides a lifetime of health education throughout each stage of a women’s life.

Strategist: Maxine Fang

Date: Spring 2020


Women experience their first period around 11-12 years old and usually have periods until ages 45-55. Across this 40 year span, a woman can expect to get her period approximately 450 times. Depending on the woman, she may experience physical and mental discomfort. Depending on the culture she exists within, she may also experience embarrassment and shame due to factors that limit education and open conversation about menstruation. For some women, therefore, menstrual mysteries remain unsolved.

Maxine Fang

Maxine is a design strategist with a background of innovation design strategies and fashion design. She is passionate and empathetic in solving customer experience challenges. She utilizes human-centered and holistic approaches that can improve people’s quality of life through innovative design, services, and systems.

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