Crafting the Future of Fashion:

Sustainability through Collaborative Customization


This project examines the intersection between the customization of fashion and sustainability, reimagining the system to transform the way apparel is designed, fitted and produced by bringing consumers and designers to collaborate and co-design unique, stylized apparel, thus, minimizing production to promote conscientious production and consumption of apparel.

Strategist: Jessie Andrade

Date: Spring 2020


The fashion industry is one of the top polluting industries in the world; its product-first model of mass-producing clothes is unsustainable and needs to change. Guilt among designers grows as they realize their clothes have a negative impact on society and the environment. Meanwhile, consumers are dissatisfied with poor-quality clothes that don’t fit and styles that all look the same. Demand is on the rise for personalized clothing that adapts to consumer needs, size, and individuality. What if we could make less, but more of what consumers really need and value?

Jessie Andrade

Jessie Andrade is a design strategist with a multidisciplinary background in fashion design, leading trend forecasting and product development, and in graphic design, specializing in brand and marketing strategies.

She believes in the power of design to influence how individuals perceive the world through all types of media to improve their social, commercial and cultural experiences. The depth of her sensitivity and empathy gives her a unique ability to transform concepts and ideas into carefully crafted design experiences.

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