Asylum for Mental Health

Client: Airstream

Team: Sam Chase, Maxine Fang

Date:  Spring 2019



What if nature is asylum for our mental health?


We once assumed that the mid-twenty-first century would be known as the age of ease and shareability. As a majority of us attempt to settle in towering megacities, the unprecedented lack of space creates tension that overshadows our greatest achievements in innovation. Degraded mental health is pervasive in urban areas and our traditional healthcare system has failed to treat our isolation-induced illness. Human need for interaction with the natural world has been lost, and this widespread-instinctual imbalance has the world’s full attention.


Healthcare has now been redesigned to allow for the complete integration of hospitals with the environment. Remaining natural areas are rehabilitated to facilitate physician-prescribed interactions with nature and restore human health. Some have lived apart from the natural world for too long, allowing this human instinct to lay dormant beneath daily ritual. Doctors introduce time restrained to the ground at the start of treatment to unearth what has been lost and force us to heal.

Some have lived apart from the natural world for too long.