Lucid Sensory Doses

Client: Airstream

Team: Bre Jacobs

Date:  Spring 2019



What if we artificially obtain nature’s restorative properties?


Our psychological well-being is positively influenced by our interactions with nature, and our minds and bodies depend on its restorative powers to keep us grounded in the artificial world we have created. In 2050, interacting with nature is difficult for a multitude of reasons. 


Fortunately, pharmaceutical scientists have designed a revolutionary drug to help us reap those positive benefits from interacting with the natural world even though we cannot physically have those restorative interactions. Lucid Sensory Doses, also called LSD’s, artificially trigger our sensory processors, providing us with all the associated benefits of specific interactions in the natural world- all without the need to step outside. 


LSD’s have made it possible for us to coexist with the natural world in an exciting, safe, and enlightening way. They’ve given us back the gift we’ve lost touch with, allow us to exist with nature as one, and above all else, enable us to feel entirely human.

All the associated benefits of specific interactions in the natural world all without the need to step outside.