Child Care Experiences and Opportunities

for Early Learning Caregivers

Understanding the opportunity spaces to support both the parent and the caregiver during the first touchpoints with Early Learning Centers has the potential to transform how, when, and in what ways centers and families interact.

Strategist: Erika Rittenhouse

Date: Spring 2020


There are 12 million infants and toddlers in the U.S. More than half spend some or all of their day being cared for by someone who is not their parent. Additionally, the experience of the parent just beginning a relationship with a caregiver can be filled with worry and uncertainty. This makes early learning caregivers the core of the child care industry. In the first year, infants grow and change at an astounding pace, yet early learning centers are dealing with high rates of turnover, rising costs, and caregiver retention.

Erika Rittenhouse

Erika is originally from Washington, D.C. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations. She is currently an HR Project Manager. Erika is passionate about designing for children. Her energetic leadership style and passion for the value of human-centered design makes the projects she leads collaborative and effective.

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