Can and Should We Save the Bankcard?

In collaboration with a manufacturer of bank cards, this project explores whether and how bank cards may yet provide a service solution that is useful for those customers who prefer to conduct financial transactions with such cards.

Strategist: Eugene Hoban

Date: Spring 2020


This project examines the current, as well as possible future, role of physical bank cards in conducting financial transactions, both in-person and online. While smart phones are increasingly used for making purchases, as well as for other financial transactions, will physical bank cards ultimately disappear altogether?

Eugene Hoban

Eugene Hoban is a digital designer with over 10 years of experience. Eugene started his career as a graphic designer in 2010 and developed a passion for web design and development before there was any understanding of UI and UX. After graduating from CCAD in 2010, he has spent five years working in Dubai, UAE as a graphic designer in a multinational environment.


After coming back to the USA and working as a digital designer in a marketing agency for two years, he decided to pursue the Master of Design degree at CCAD and focus his career in design strategies. It was two years of challenging hard work that helped Eugene grow as a digital designer who brings human-centered design and research approach to problem-solving while developing a newfound passion for service design.

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